Novice Program

The Philadelphia Girls’ Rowing Club offers the opportunity for women of all ages to learn to row, regardless of previous experience. To join the Novice Program, adults must submit an application, be selected for membership, and pay all applicable fees to join the club. Detailed application and fee information is available in the membership section of our site.

Attendance at each novice practice session is critical for individual development and class advancement; therefore, your attendance at each session is a requirement.

General Information

Graduates of the adult training programs will be matched with “big sisters” who row with them and guide them down the river safely. Novices and big sisters arrange times to row together.  Novices are also encouraged to row in gigs with their big sister’s crew.

Club-sponsored coaching is provided and paid for by PGRC. Private lessons are not. Adult novice members do not have to pay additional fees for club coaching.

After the initial 6-week training period, adult novices also may join the coached technical rowing program.

Adult novice members have a probationary period of four months. Acceptance as members by the board occurs after certification by the captain, coach, and membership chair that the member has successfully completed the novice program, complies with all safety directives, and demonstrates responsible and safe handling of equipment. Participation in the coached program is a prerequisite for membership. Full membership with voting privileges occurs one full year after joining the club.

Following the probationary period, adult novices receive keys to the club. Responsibility as a club member includes handling equipment safely and preventing damage, locking up when leaving the club, and using the clubhouse respectfully.

Novice members are expected to participate in club meetings and activities.



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