Mission & Vision

The principal purposes of the Philadelphia Girls' Rowing Club are to promote, stimulate, and support among women an interest in amateur rowing and other forms of athletics which are supplementary to this sport.

The unique focus of our organization is to provide a haven for women’s rowing into the next century by nurturing, coaching, and teaching women to row.

The Philadelphia Girls’ Rowing Club offers the opportunity for women of all ages to participate in rowing and tap into their maximum potential as athletes. For many members, rowing is their first athletic pursuit. Learning to balance a 1-foot wide by 30-foot long boat on the Schuylkill River can seem an insurmountable challenge. To meet and overcome this challenge can be quite literally life-changing. Novice coaches are all familiar with the grin of a new rower getting “the feel of the water.”

A primary mission of the Philadelphia Girls' Rowing Club is to ensure that all members develop the skills to feel confident on the river and safely participate in this athletic pursuit. Proficiency in the sport enhances the pleasure of rowing. To that end, the coaches, captain, and members mentor each other so that each rower develops the technical skills to feel successful in her efforts, which further drives her passion for rowing.

The camaraderie and development of self-sufficiency for women is consistently cited as an unexpected benefit of the educational programs of the Philadelphia Girls’ Rowing Club. Coaches welcome the opportunity to help with technique, the Captain oversees a rigorous safety training program, and each member stands ready to lend a hand in support of a new rower learning to trust herself and the other women in the boat.

Leadership development, support for one another, and a love for the freedom to successfully race, glide, or float on the Schuylkill River is the heart and soul of the Philadelphia Girls’ Rowing Club. Members help the Club by maintaining oars, cleaning boats, leading yoga classes, and volunteering as club officers.

More than just a place to row, our members make the club a home away from home.