Women’s Adult Rowing Program

The Philadelphia Girls’ Rowing Club (PGRC) is a sculling club, and is proud to be the only club on boathouse row to teach adult women of all ages to row. PGRC accepts new members in the spring. Class size is limited. Our program is geared towards women who wish to row and want to be active club members. Women with prior rowing experience are encouraged to apply. You do not need to be totally new to the sport to join us.

We do not give rowing lessons to nonmembers. Equipment storage is for members only.

How to Apply

To become a rowing member of the Philadelphia Girls’ Rowing Club, you must first write a letter to the club telling us about yourself, your interest in rowing, and how you feel you can contribute to our club. After we receive your letter, you may be invited to attend our membership information session, which is held once a year in late April. If you are invited to join, you will be enrolled in our adult rowing program, in which all new members are required to participate.

Mail your letter of introduction with all your contact information (home address, email, and telephone number) to:

Philadelphia Girls' Rowing Club
#14 Kelly Drive
Boathouse Row
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19130
ATTN: Membership Chair


Our six-eight week training program is held once a year in the spring. The training begins after Memorial Day and
is three days a week (Tuesday and Thursday nights and Saturday mornings). Each class runs approximately three hours. During this program you will learn rowing techniques, rules of the river, boat safety, and club rules. Class size
is limited.

Training begins on stationary rowing machines (ergometers) and are later followed by training sessions on the river.
At the end of the training program, you will be tested on basic rowing skills and safety knowledge. You’ll then be paired with an experienced rowing member of PGRC, who will mentor and guide you for the duration of the year.

Our program gives you the opportunity to develop new friendships among your classmates and club members. This camaraderie is distinctive to our club, and is something we’re very proud of.


The adult rowing program fee is $800 ($550 dues and $250 one time initiation fee) and is due on the first day
of training. 

Active Membership

The Philadelphia Girls’ Rowing Club is a self-governed, private club; we fund our own training programs and maintain our boathouse and grounds. There are many volunteer activities and committees to participate in, as well
as social activities and membership meetings to attend throughout the year.  All members are expected to participate
in the life of the club.